Western Cape police commissioner Arno Lamoer and and five others are due to appear in court on Friday to face corruption charges. File photo: Cindy Waxa

Cape Town - The man in charge of fighting crime in the Western Cape has himself become a robbery victim.

Western Cape Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Arno Lamoer confirmed that thieves had broken into his home in Plattekloof on Tuesday morning.

The Cape Argus was alerted to the robbery by a neighbour who phoned in saying several police cars were parked outside Lamoer’s home.

According to police, the robbers had gained entry by cutting a window open and took items including electronic equipment.

Lamoer and his family were home at the time, but only discovered what had happened in the morning once they woke up.

Lamoer urged people to ensure their doors and gates were locked at all times and to use alarm systems. 

In a study published by the SA Institute of Race Relations last year, the organisation found that the Western Cape was the most dangerous province in the country.

The study, which measured crime rankings according to murder, assault and robbery statistics, showed that the province fared poorly when it came to protecting its residents from harm.

Cape Argus and Sapa