Durban -

Two motorists and a passenger had a lucky escape after a rock throwing incident from the Higginson Highway Bridge on Sunday night.

Rothman Thusi, 24, was travelling on the N2 from Isipingo towards Avoca, when a rock struck his car - a VW Polo - hitting the bumper and headlight.

The same rock then struck the bonnet, windscreen and roof of the vehicle Elizabeth Archibald, 54, and her husband, George, 56, were travelling in. All three were in shock but escaped unhurt.

Thusi said his bumper and indicator were cracked.

Thusi said: “As I was driving I did not notice anyone on the bridge. But when the rock hit my car, I pulled over and saw about three or four young guys running away.”

The Archibalds also stopped close to Thusi to inspect the damage to their car - a Chev Utility.

“We didn’t know what happened. We were so shocked. I cannot believe that people could do such things,” Thusi said.

He estimated it would cost him between R2 000 and R3 000 to repair the damage to his car.

He said he would report the matter to police on Monday.

George Archibald, an electrician, who was the passenger, said they had also spotted about five males standing on the bridge.

“I saw the five youngsters on the bridge and I had this ill feeling about it. We were already close to the bridge when I heard the loud bang,” George said.

The Archibalds were returning home when the incident happened at about 5pm.

Elizabeth, a secretary, has had the car for three months.

She said the rock hit the windscreen in two spots, but it did not shatter.

“The insurance bill will put me out of pocket of R2 000. I cannot stop thinking what would have happened if the rock had come through the windscreen,” she said.

They will report the incident to the Hillcrest police station on Monday.

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