A parliamentary inquiry is hearing evidence about the affairs of the board of the SABC. Picture: Screen shot from YouTube
Parliament – A South African Broadcasting Corporation executive was forced to eat humble pie as he was made to apologise to MPs conducting an inquiry into the affairs of the broadcaster's board on Tuesday.

Chairman of the parliamentary ad hoc committee conducting the inquiry, Vincent Smith, told the inquiry that he had been reliably informed that someone in the SABC delegation had during a media briefing last week compared MPs overseeing the inquiry to a "kangaroo court".

"If you are there I suggest you stand up and apologise to Parliament," Smith demanded.

A sheepish SABC group executive for human resources Mohlolo Lephaka rose from his seat, admitting to his damaging words, and withdrew his statement unconditionally. 

Smith also lashed out at more than a dozen SABC executives and employees who were part of a delegation from the broadcaster sent to the inquiry on Tuesday.

Smith accused them of wasting taxpayers money.

They were not testifying but had flown down from Johannesburg to be present for SABC board chairman Mbulaheni Maguvhe's testimony.

"We are not asking you, we are telling you...I'm telling you as senior executive, don't do it," said an irate Smith.

African News Agency