28s gang implicated in Sizzlers massacre

By Time of article published Jan 29, 2003

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The SABC's Special Assignment reported on Tuesday night that they had evidence that, contrary to wild speculation around the Sizzlers massage parlour murders, eight coloured men in two vehicles were responsible for the attack.

The reinstated head of the Operation Slasher gang unit, Senior Superintendent Jeremy Vearey, said on the programme that the killings carried all the hallmarks of the 28s prison gang, which had established a stranglehold on the Sea Point drug and prostitution market.

Special Assignment did not carry police corroboration of the report, and investigators, who are being co-ordinated by serious violent crimes unit head Mike Barkhuizen, who led the Marike de Klerk murder probe, were not available to the Cape Times for comment on Tuesday night.

Police said earlier on Tuesday that they had made no significant breakthroughs.

But Lesbian and Gay Equality Project director Evert Knoesen said, after meeting Assistant Police Commissioner Sharon Schutte: "It seems quite certain from the meeting that this crime was not related to homophobia or a hate crime, but rather to criminal elements operating in the community."

Meanwhile, Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) leader Juan-Duval Uys has denied that he has connections with gangs or that he is a pimp, child pornographer or blackmailer, and says he had nothing to do with the massacre.

Uys was responding to allegations he claimed had been made against him by the equality project, which has been involved in a public spat with the GLA since it registered as a political party and began the "pink listing" on the Internet of homophobic individuals and companies.

However, the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project denied making such allegations against Uys, but said that earlier this week it had sent out a press release and copies of a newspaper report on Uys's arrest in 1999 by the child protection unit.

Uys is adamant that the project had reacted after the GLA launched a verbal assault on it for allowing its "political bedmate (the African National Congress)" to "hijack" Saturday's Sea Point memorial service for the victims.

Uys's party cancelled its fifth national congress after Uys reported being threatened by an intruder at his Sea Point flat.

Earlier on Tuesday, police denied having a videotape that allegedly reveals the identity of one of the killers. - Staff writers

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