File photo: Simphiwe Mbokazi

Johannesburg - An online poll posted by Absa on Black Tax on Tuesday took a sour turn after angry users blasted the bank as "insensitive" and "racist". 

On Tuesday, the bank posted a poll on Twitter asking users to define what they considered black tax to be, with options ranging from: a source of anxiety, a source of pride, a financial burden as well as a responsibility. 

Black tax refers to the financial obligation of black people who move into higher-paying jobs to provide for extended family.

Of course, Absa's tweet did not go well with users, with the bank being branded racist and insensitive for putting up the poll. 

Many users appeared to be offended by the use of the term to describe taking care of extended family, with some even saying it had a racial undertone. 

#BlackTax is.

See some reactions to the poll: 

I don't see how someone taking care of their family should be labeled anything!!! Nwak!! 😈

There is no putting lipstick on this pig of a tweet 😡🤯😡🤯😡.we will screen grab and remind @Absa of this most useless, rude, insensitive, mocking, degrading tweet in future.

I love how they have the audacity to throw the concept of ‘Black Tax’ around when their history was complicit in its very own creation.

@Absa I suggest you delete this tweet. as if you've ever considered the black majority ... the only bank we know that is for us is @CapitecBankSA ...

Dear black twitter may you be so kind to this racist bank that benefited directly from apartheid in answering their absurd question .@Mngxitama @hostilenativ @OdirileSms

Black tax? Taking care of our families can never be black tax. This tweet has racial undertone.

Absa has since apologised for the pole: