By Zelda Venter

Porn magazine Loslyf and local celebrity Amor Vittone have reached an out-of-court settlement following “manipulated pictures” and references to “her breasts” which appeared in last year's December issue.

Vittone claimed R1-million in damages in the Pretoria High Court against the publisher of the magazine and against its former editor Eugene Goddard.

Her lawyer, Ferdie Hartzenberg, on Thursday confirmed the settlement for an amount which may not be disclosed. He said the claim against Goddard, who refused to settle, would continue in May next year.

The magazine, in a Press statement, said: “The (then) editor of Loslyf, without the knowledge or consent of the shareholders, published in the December 2004 issue of Loslyf, certain material which the directors and shareholders believed to have been harmful and hurtful to Amor and her husband Joost van der Westhuizen.

“They have privately settled the claim and apologised for any embarrassment or hurt which they have suffered.”

Hartzenberg said he and his clients were satisfied with the outcome. “They acknowledged it was a mistake on their part, they apologised and they restored Amor's dignity.”

Vittone earlier in court papers said that apart from the reference to her breasts (which are not hers), a picture appeared of a naked woman performing a sex act on herself. The caption below the picture referred to Vittone and her husband, the rugby star.

Vittone was also upset about six other pictures of a woman exposing her breasts, in which reference was made to her. She said the pictures were defamatory and wrong. She also said the readers would understand that she associated herself with pornography, that she engaged in “kinky” sexual acts and that she was a woman of loose morals.

Vittone at the time said her reputation was of vital importance to her and she described the pictures as “sick and satanic”.

She and Joost are expecting their second child and they have always portrayed good family values.

The couple could not be reached for comment last night.