Former Miss World Anneline Kriel Bacon and her ex-husband Phillip Tucker are once again at each other's throats - this time over the custody of their daughters Tayla (9) and Whitney (8).

Bacon on Tuesday asked the Pretoria High Court permission to move her daughters to Cape Town with her and her husband Peter Bacon, managing director of Sun International.

The court heard that the Bacon family wanted to move to Cape Town within the next few days, following the allocation of a R1,7-billion casino licence to Sun International. Peter Bacon will spend most of his time at the new casino's head office, and his wife wants to be at his side.

Tucker, a wealthy international showjumper and horse breeder, is opposed to the proposed move of his daughters.

He and Bacon were allocated joint custody of the children at their divorce settlement in 1994 and he visits them often.

Tucker told Judge Nico Coetzee he would ask for full custody if his ex-wife wanted to take the children with her.

Advocate Chris Jordaan, appearing for Tucker, opposed the suggestion of an interim order. He said this would further disrupt the children because the possibility existed that they would, after a school term or two, have to return.

Judgment will be delivered on Friday. - Pretoria Correspondent