Paarden Eiland workers has accused the City of Cape Town of wasting water after a burst pipe spouted for three hours before it was sorted out. Picture: Daily Voice
Cape Town - Just a day after the City of Cape Town announced Level 5 water restrictions, workers in Paarden Eiland accused the City itself of wasting water.

They say this eight-metre high fountain spouted for more than three hours before the City sent a team to sort out the pipe burst on Monday.

Workers in Natal Street say the water pipe erupted just before 8am and caused havoc in the area.

A worker, who did not want to be named, said: “Our business is located on the second floor and the water went higher than that."

“We had to move our cars as the ground was breaking and shaking because of the pipe burst. We called numerous times for the City to come out and fix the pipe burst, but you wait 20 minutes for a call to be answered, only to be told that you’ve reached the wrong department. They literally place you on a run-around. This road is also frequently used by delivery trucks.”

The pipe was repaired by Monday afternoon.

The City did not respond to queries by Monday night.

Another worker asked why the City did not outsource repairs to private companies.

“If they can’t keep up with all the pipe bursts and leaks, why don’t they make use of private companies, seeing we are all trying to save water?” the worker asked.

On Sunday the City implemented Level 5 water restrictions, asking businesses to cut down usage by 20 percent.

It also warned residents to curb water use to 87 litres per person per day, or face stiff fines of between R5000 and R10 000.