Are you a man? Heard about Playboy? Did you ever fantasise about who you would choose to be the man mag’s next centre spread? Would you sell your left lung to be involved in one of the magazine’s photo shoots?

Yes? This is exactly what Playboy SA is planning for one lucky bloke. The magazine has just rolled out what they describe as “the most exciting Facebook competition ever to hit South African shores.”

The competition merges what is arguably the two frequently and highly observed male fantasies.

Said Charl du Plessis, editor-in-chief: “It invariably happens that whenever we sit down with males in even the most formal of meetings, the subject of which celebs and models they want to see in Playboy will come up.

“I now ask even our accountants in the first 10 minutes of each meeting to quickly write up their wish list, and then we can get on with business. The second fantasy, of course, is to be part of a Playboy photo shoot. Everybody we meet offers to help us with this tough job.”

The winner of the competition will get flown from anywhere in South Africa to join the Playboy team and assist with model selection, storyboard development, working on set during the shoot and, of course, will join the wrap party with the model and crew.

Du Plessis said the magazine’s social media audience connection was a “magical tool for gathering insights” as well as a major launch pad for several of its commercial initiatives.

“We are busy with a transition to a digital and direct-to-consumer publishing paradigm. We are already in daily contact with our fans and readers, so the transition just becomes so much easier. Surely, much easier than convincing stuck-up retail chains that Playboy is not the devil,” he said.

Saturday Star