Court told how cops spent robbery spoils

By Tania Broughton Time of article published Sep 6, 1999

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Police officers who took part in South Africa's biggest robbery, the R31 million Pinetown SBV heist, used a police vehicle to commit the crime.

And in fresh papers before the Durban high court, a clear picture has emerged of how the robbers shared and spent the spoils.

Suspended Chatsworth policeman Hanujayam Mayadevan - who admits to his role in the August 1996 robbery and who is now involved in a witness protection programme - has given these details in an affidavit.

He says that at the time of the robbery he, Jordan Daniel, Goolam Dustagir and Sagren Nair (all now awaiting trial on criminal charges) had all worked at Chatsworth police station.

Dalliah Appelsamy (also awaiting trial), a local builder and soccer player whom he knew well, had approached him to take part in the robbery.

He names others who took part as being Logandheran Naidoo and Rajen Naidoo - both of whom were acquitted of robbery charges on a legal technicality.

On the night in question, the group had gone to SBV's Westmead premises in a police vehicle and Appelsamy's Toyota.

Just outside, however, they all got into the police vehicle.

They entered the premises with guns and committed the robbery, while Daniel stayed in the guardhouse, apparently to keep watch on the security guard.

This had been a pretence because the security guard was part of the robbery and had opened the main gate for the robbers to enter.

Sgt Mayadevan said everyone had received a share. His was to have been R3 million, but it turned out to be just more than R2 million.

He had been told that Appelsamy's share was R3 million and Dharmalingum Naidoo was paid R300 000 for making his house available.

"After the (first) papers were served, we had discussions about what we had done with our money.

"Jordan Daniel told me he had spent R100 000 on improvements to his house and he had purchased a factory, JK Engineering, for about R1,2 million.

"Dustagir told me he had spent R100 000 on improvements to his house and he had bought another property in Chatsworth for R200 000, which he had put in the name of his father-in-law, Dawood Khan.

"He also told me he had bought a number of taxis and put all of them in Khan's name."

He said Nair had told him he had bought a BMW 325 EVO 2, a taxi with an expensive sound system and a house for R350 000.

He had also put some money into a bus company.

Sgt Mayadevan says he and Nair bought the Embassy nightclub, which has since closed down.

"Logandheran Naidoo told me that he had bought a new house in Malvern, two long distance trucks for R1,3 million cash ... Rajen Naidoo told me he had bought a house in Pinetown and put it into somebody else's name.

"Appelsamy said he had placed some of his share of the stolen money in offshore accounts and that he had purchased a house for cash. He showed me the renovations and said they had cost about R1,2 million.

"He also told me he had bought a Mercedes-Benz for R100 000."

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