Your domestic worker takes care of the things that are dearest to you. It's time to give something back.


Cape Town - It’s no secret that the majority of South Africa’s workforce earns far less than is needed to lead comfortable, fulfilling lives. Funeral plans and stokvels generally serve as the only safety cushion upon which lower-oncome earners South Africans can fall back.

The bulk of employed South Africans have to endure the stress of time-consuming, and expensive commutes, not to mention dangerous conditions both at home and work. Simply put, working South Africans face tricky and risky situations even before leaving home to earn a living. In order to safeguard against these risks and maximise earning potential, workers must be afforded a layer of financial protection so that their earning potential is not damaged.

MadeSure has been designed with the day-to-day needs of workers in mind. It improves on any existing funeral plans by adding income protection, hospital cash plans and other benefits that add real value. Included is money back in cellphone airtime, a very valuable benefit in South Africa.

The lifestyle protector can be taken out and paid for by an employer, for an employee, so that both parties get financial assistance during trying times.

MadeSure makes it possible for workers to save money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with their new layer of lifestyle protection. MadeSure’s revolutionary approach to lifestyle insurance makes it a South African FIRST.

Who is MadeSure?

Local entrepreneurs, Nick French and Nic van den Bergh, have teamed up with Dr Uli & Sedise Moseneke (Encha Green Brands) and Africa Direct to introduce MadeSure to the South African market.

What is it?

MadeSure is a lifestyle-oriented, benefits-based insurance product range. It aims to shake up the broader insurance industry by offering lifestyle protection and real benefits. MadeSure’s product mix introduces a new way of thinking about lifestyle insurance and has been created with the lower-income majority of South Africa in mind. This segment of the South African workforce needs purpose-developed benefits at affordable prices and MadeSure makes that a reality.

Where are they?

MadeSure is headquartered in Cape Town, with satellite offices in Johannesburg.

MadeSure is available to ALL foreign nationals residing in South Africa. No work permit or medical certificate is required.

Why do you need MadeSure?

Employers of low-income earning individuals might be attempting to do more for their employees by providing lifestyle protection but there is a serious lack of affordable options. MadeSure provides an inexpensive solution that looks out for the wellbeing of employers and employees alike.

No longer satisfied with the prevalence of expensive funeral plans and one-dimensional disability packages in the market, MadeSure has developed a benefit-rich, low cost solution that seeks to address this shortfall and desperate need.

Lifestyle Protector® and Lifestyle Protector Plus® provides 5-dimensional cover* and will deliver a wide range of tangible lifestyle protection benefits that are tailored to the real-world needs of low-income-earning individuals.

With the Protector® @R95 pm and the Protector Plus® @ R195 pm + R200 airtime pm, why pay for after-death benefits when you can have the peace of mind that real-life benefits offer?

Areas that the 5-Dimensional Benefits Cover:

* Funeral Benefits

* Income Protection Benefits

* Hospital Benefits

* Disability Benefits

* Lifestyle Benefits

MadeSure’s intention is to successfully introduce this product into the South African market, starting with the middle-upper income households, where the household purchases this benefits package for their domestic worker as an employment benefits package. Further down the line, MadeSure will be venturing into a multitude of other B2B sectors like mining, government, construction, the service industry and many more.

The details:

1. Funeral Benefits:

* Final Rest. R18 000. Covers all causes of death.

* Accidental Death R50 000 cover.

* Body Repatriation Up to R35 000 cover. This pays for transportation costs of the deceased or critically injured.

2. Income Protection Benefits

* Income Replacement for Serious Illness (i.e. cancer, heart attack, stroke) pays up to R1 000 per week for up to 13 weeks. Max claim age 55. 30-day waiting period. Does not cover pre-existing conditions.

3. Hospital Cover Benefits

* Hospital Cash Plan for Accidental Injury - R1 000 per day for up to 14 days P/A - 48-Hour waiting period.

* ER24: Emergency Medical Care with access to immediate medical assistance for you and your family. Available 24/7. Hotline 083 124.

* Hospital Guarantee Cash R7 500

* Emergency Transportation at R100 000

* Life Support equipment is also provided up to R100 000.

* Rehabilitation - where an employee is unable to perform his own job but can be rehabilitated to perform a different job, the policy covers 80% (up to R75 000) of the re-training costs.

4. Disability Benefits

* Permanent Disability Cover. R50 000. No waiting periods.

* Mobility Cover Up to R150 000 for permanent disability. Covers costs for electric wheelchair + prosthetics.

* Childcare R200 per day for 28 days on Accidental Disability of main member/spouse/child. 7-day waiting period.

5. Lifestyle Protection Benefits

* HIV accidental exposure benefit - covers a 7-day course of STI medication. Up to R100 000 cover. (Pays out for HIV infection due to blood transfusion or rape).

* Trauma counseling R750 per session. (up to R25 000 per family member p.a.) Covering acts of violence.

* Debt Saver Programme - debt assist, protection from creditors and free credit checks.

* Avis 14 Seater - Discounted rate for 7 days.

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