File picture: Independent Media
Johannesburg – A 26-year-old man was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for the murder of his father in the Eastern Cape, police said on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson, Captain Jackson Manatha, said Phikolomzi Duna was sentenced on Monday "On the 30 September 2015, at about 07:00 in the morning, at Mazikhanye Location, Mndundu Village, Willowvale, the accused asked his father Thembile Duna, aged 59, to organise a family meeting."

Manatha said the father agreed but appealed to his son to give him time as he was still enjoying tea first.

"The accused was not happy about this answer. He left his father and came back armed with spear and a bush knife. Before his father could say a word, accused hacked him with a bush knife on his upper body," Manatha said.

"The deceased fell down and the accused stabbed him with a spear whilst lying down."

During the trial, Duna pleaded not guilty and claimed that he did not recall what happened on that day.

"He was convicted and sentenced to undergo 18 years imprisonment. The sentence of Duna is welcomed by SAPS and the investigation team's dedication to ensure that justice will be served is highly appreciated by the Eastern Cape police management," Manatha said.