(Presidential Guard at the Mandela Residence in Qunu). Former President Nelson Mandela's body arrived at his home ahead of his burial on Sunday. 14/12/2013, Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

The funeral of former president Nelsom Mandela is being held at Qunu. IOL will be collating information as it reaches us from television coverage and wire agency reports, and placing it in this story, most recent items at the top. Time allowing they will be edited, or may be placed as is.

 Sapa reports: Former president Nelson Mandela was buried in Qunu, Eastern Cape, around 12.40pm on Sunday.

12.44 - Last post heard as footage from graveside ends. Can hear command for pallbearers to salute.

 12.39: Military flypast - three helicopters with flags. Then seven planes in formation. flying over Eastern Cape hills. Close up of sombre Jacob Zuma. 

12.38: Sermon heard from graveside by SANDF chaplain. We thank God for the life of Mandela. Beyond the brokenness there is wholeness.

12.36: Flag taken off coffin. 

12.36: Picture of flag taken off coffin, given to Zuma who hands it to Madikizela-Mandela.

12.34: Coffin placed on grave.

 12.32: Coffin enters burial ground. Tent in background, many flowers at graveside.

12.31: Pallbearers have coffin, military standing at attention at entrance to gravesite. 

12.28 - Coffin being taken off gun carriage. 

12.26 - ENCA says elders will speak to ancestors at graveside and ask for forgiveness for late burial. Was supposed to happen before 12 noon.

12.24 - A number of cars making their way to gravesite.

12.21 - Coffin seen being transported on gun carriage.

12.18pm: Gravesite about a kilometre away as crow flies but road winds, so might take some time (ENCA). Soldiers march to graveside. - IOL Staff

12.13 - Mourners still walking to the graveside. Sapa reports Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was among the guests allowed to attend the gravesite. His name was called as one of the religious leaders allowed to the family burial area.

 12.09 - No pictured from the graveside at request of family.

12.01 - Mourners walking to graveside, religious leaders in the front.  Road lined with soldiers.

11.54: Pallbearers begin slow march with coffin. Choir singing. People walking behind, leaving marquee. Mandla Mandela first. 

11. 52am: Military protocols announced. Includes Desmond Tutu.

11.49am: Mbete says goodbye to Mandela. Ramaphosa thanks funeral planning committee. Think they did a sterling job. First time we are burying a former head of state - mistakes were made, things we did correctly. we learn as we go. 

11.47am - religious leaders announced.  

11.42am - Ramaphosa hands over the military as they perform their service and we move to the graveside. Logistical considerations. 4500 people here - graveside configured to take 400 people - others will sit here and watch the proceedings. Please listen carefully as to who goes to graveside. If don't fall into category stay here. The family, the military command and extended family. Heads of state accompany President Zuma and first ladies, former heads of state, 15 traditional leaders, AU head, ANC working committee, 15 veterans, eminent persons including Richard Branson. Leadership of ANC in Eastern Cape - 10 people. 15 religious leaders, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, leader of NCOP, provincial premiers. Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice.

11.32am: Bishop Ziphozihle Siwa delivers sermon: Quotes Shakespeare's Macbeth. From gospels, tells story of three slaves - third slave had guts to look at justice issues. Story of Nelson Mandela leaves a legacy and rays of hope for years ahead. Story told by Jesus: Master leaves money for slaves to take care of. One slave given 5 talents, one given two, one given one. Acts from disadvantage but has courage to speak. Third slave acted in a way that is contrary to the conventional way in an unjust system: when the master gets angry takes platform to speak. Kept it and returned it - powerful act of refusal to act within an unjust system. Injustice exposed. Brilliant thinker taken away just as Mandela was taken away. We bid Madiba farewell. Other two slaves did not co-operate with their comrade. May this be the time when comrades in slavery stand side by side as we seek a better world together. We must take opportunities and make a better life for all. Just actions move on even when you leave office. Those who do not act justly when their term of office comes to an end. May we take a leaf of selflessness from Nelson Mandela, in a culture that seems to be full of takers. Quotes Kahlil Gibran. You have been a moontide in our twilight... Your shadow has been a light upon our faces. Tata Nelson Mandela, as we did him goodnight, the fitting tribute is that we strive to fulfil you dream. We will always cherish the life you shared with this country. 

11.25am: Mbete asks Bishop to deliver as brief a sermon as possible, not an easy task.

11.24am: Thanks people who attended. We will never have such a day again. Finally, thank you Tata for the trust you placed in me, the responsibility was tremendous. It was an honour to serve you. The Mandela song may have ended by the legacy lingers on.

11.21am: Family friend General Bantu Holomisa speaks: We have almost reached end of funeral. Extends on behalf of family warmest vote of thanks to people without whom funeral would not be a success: mentions people who prayed for his recovery - we were overwhelmed by support. To SA government, thank you for fitting and dignified state funeral. Thank to department of public works who organised infrastructure; to department of defence and soldiers who have protected Madiba; to heads of state and dignitaries you have shown true meaning of ubuntu. Thank you leaders who spoke today. Thanks to medical teams who took care of Tata Madiba. To each of service providers, the effort taken to make today possible has not gone unnoticed. Thanks musicians. Thanks media - struggle story would not have been told. To team of people organising Madiba's send off. Thanks Mbeki who said Mandela family should be part of planning committee. Thanks to Mbete and Ramaphosa. Thank you for doing us proud. Thanks for gifts bestowed on the family. Thanks the ANC. 

11.12am: Ramaphosa says we had to hear elder of the African continent. Welcomes Idris Elba, Forest Whitaker, various other dignitaries.

11.12am: Kaunda continues: This great young man said to the Boer leaders, you can't go on like this. Said your game is my game also. In no time at all, the Boers began to change. (Voice says troubled for time). Kaunda: Young man I am going to end soon. Please this thing is serious: how do you live like that? You say you are Christians - that is not God at all. This great son of the world showed us the way. We are all God's children. As we go on, Madiba is no more in terms of life, no more in terms of this life but he is still Madiba our leader. Remember to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Fare thee well, amen.

11.06am: Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda - starts singing, says I have forgotten. Starts speaking: You are doing a wonderful thing to organise a funeral of this type. I have met a number of my friends - first one was Prime Minister Vorster. I met him on his train, we were there for three nights. Asked him to release Mandela and his colleagues. I came to nothing. Then came Botha, same train. I say release Mandela and all his colleagues, talk together. 12 hours came to nothing. Then met De Klerk was not PM yet, was secretary-general of the Boer party. I called a press conference and said I can do business with this man. Thank God he become Prime Minister and released this great man. Who is the man Mandela? Is a blessed child of the Lord God Almighty. Describes how Boers said black people had to separate. 

10.57am: Ramaphosa leads singing. We have run into time trouble: we have to take the sermon but we need two votes of thanks - one we cannot avoid from Kenneth Kaunda and then from General Bantu Holomisa. Was going to do at graveside but felt he should do it here.

10.56am: Zuma continues: Thanks children and family. We extend condolences to ANC, Cosatu, SACP. Thank the ANC for provided the space for you to lead us to freedom. Thoughts with the community of Qunu. Extend condolences to entire South African nation. Hearts go out to all your friends who have all lost a part of themselves. Salutes former ANC leaders. Thanks medical team who cared for him, thanks Mandela's personal support staff. Tata you were an internationalist which is why Africa and the world descended on this country to bid farewell to you. Thank Africa and the world from solidarity and support. We will miss your smile and your laughter. You will remain our guiding light, illuminating the path as we continue your journey. You live forever in our hearts and minds. 


10.49am: Zuma continues: We learned from you that to build a new SA we needed to rise above anger and the human desire for retribution. You offered hope in the place of hopelessness. Gender equality gained seriousness under your presidency. We dare not reverse your achievements in this regard. As your journey ends, ours must continue. SA will continue to rise. Today we undertake to take forward your promotion of an improved material life for all. We pledge to take your vision forward. You loved children dearly, therefore SA children must grow up in a country which is free and safe from violence, crime, poverty, ignorance, disease, indignity.  Tata as your triumph comes to an end, we sincerely thank you. We acknowledge the suffering of your own children who had an absent father, a father who was called a dangerous man. We thank you late former wife Mama Eveline who raised your children under difficult conditions. Mama Winnie kept your voice alive, she refused to be silence and carried on the struggle with amazing bravery. We thank your dear wife Mama Graca Machel who has been at your side. The past year has not been easy for her. She assured your comfort until the final moments. The two of you made formidable pair for the rights of children. 

10.39am: Zuma delivers eulogy: Today marks the end of an extraordinary journey that began 95 years ago. We are truly honoured to be part of the final journey of a great son of our country. Tata - it has been a long painful week for you since you took your last breath. When you became ill last year we were gripped by fear. Over the past nine days of mourning people have expressed their grief. What stands out is display of admiration by the thousands of people who came to the Union Buildings.  What is it about this man that elicits this outpouring of emotion: when people see goodness in a person, they respond by reflecting it back. Two simple words: thank you. Your long walk to freedom has ended, our own journey continues. We have to take your legacy forward. We draw lessons from your rich life. We remember you as a man of integrity. Your ideals defined your organisation the ANC. Says Rivonia speech is like a verse in the bible. After 1994, you taught us to embrace one another as compatriots. You hated racism. In your first court statement in October 1962 you objected to being a black man in a white man's court and spoke out strongly against race discrimination. 

10.26am: President Jacob Zuma: Leads singing as congregation stands.

10.21 - Ramaphosa welcome delegations from various countries, heads of various world bodies. Apologises for any that may be omitted. Calls on President Jacob Zuma. Zuma comes to podium, praise singer takes the mike. 

10.19: Kikwete continues: Always strive for greater excellence, remain united as a nation to honour this great man. You are not alone.

10.15am: Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete speaks: bring fraternal greetings. Our deepest condolences. People of Tanzania would like you know you are not alone, they are with you. Your grief is our grief. He was our icon. People of Tanzania have lost a great friend. President Mandela had a long association with Tanzania. After the ANC formed armed wing, Dar es Salaam was Mandela's first port of call in January 1962. His mission was to seek support for armed struggle and place to train MK. He met Julius Nyerere - his widow is here with us. 1962 visit was later to become a landmark event. At first President Nyerere had reservations about when and how to initiate the struggle, but he said yes to Mandela. Nyerere went further, offered material support. Tanzania issued travel documents and when necessary MK people assumed Tanzanian names. Mandela given Tanzanian travel document - facilitated his movement. Did Thabo return his own travel document? (Laughter). ANC had new home in Tanzania. Radio Freedom broadcasted from Dar es Salaam. Was special radio station for liberation movement. ANC got back voice denied to them by apartheid regime. When Mandela visited Dar es Salaam, stayed at home of finance minister. When he left he left behind his boots - when he arrived back in SA he was arrested. The family kept the boots and in 1995 the boots were handed back to him. After his release from prison, Madiba came to Dar es Salaam. Met by largest crowd ever meeting a foreign delegation. Rained that day but people did not leave their positions. Nyerere and Mandela built strong foundation for our mutual relations. 

9.59am: Ramaphosa - running joke among us: President - you don't say Malawi. President Banda has freed us to say Malawi. Welcomes Tanzanian president.

9.57am: Malawian president Joyce Banda, SADC chairperson speaks: with deep humility here with you today. Met President Mandela when he came to Malawi after his release from prison - amazed at his leadership. In 1996 went on a tour of Robben Island. I read everything I could lay my hands on about him. Later I visited Tata Mandela and Mama Graca - deeply touched by his passion to put people first, his courage. These have touched my life. I went to house, Mama Graca was there and he was already sitting there. I saw him and ran out, but Mama Graca pulled my back. Did not know would be president of Malawi. When I became president I had to work with people who had tried to prevent. I could forgive without any effort because my Madiba had prepared me. Leadership is about falling in love with the people you serve and them falling in love with you. I stand before you as SADC to extend collective hand of sympathy. Irreplaceable loss. SADC region remembers Madiba as a great reformer. We mourn his death but an opportunity to celebrate an icon. Ideals that he stood for will inspire us. Tata's words are still echoing in our minds. Our dear father fought a good fight and finished his race well. As an African woman wish to recognise Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. And to Mama Graca - thank you for your visible love and care for Madiba. Woman across Africa are very proud of you. Talk to both of you: love and tolerance you have demonstrated shows you are prepared to continue with his ideals. Salutes Jacob Zuma - made every effort to make sure he is buried with dignity. Appeals to Zuma and SA to remain united. SADC will stand with you.

9.38am: Music.

9.37am: Ethiopian Prime Minister and AU chairperson Hailemariam Desalegn pays tribute. Madiba's life has been a record of the continent's trials and tribulations. A life of struggle and a life of suffering, and a life of perseverance. The mirror image of the continent. In a larger sense life was that of the party that shaped him, the ANC. True leader and authentic personification of ANC. Mandela went out his way to preach endurance, forgiveness. Humanity is better off because it had the likes of Mandela as its torch bearer. We are celebrating humanity at its finest. His legacy will live on for eternity. - IOL Staff

9.29am: We are proud of his achievements, want to make him proud. We have learned some valuable lessons from him. He truly cared for his family, provided for them, including extended family. Made sure children of Qunu had a beautiful Christmas. His gesture of kindness made those round him want to do good. Commanded respect. When Chris Hani was assassinated, he pleaded for people to remain calm, and they did. Was taken to court - he was prepared to be accountable to justice. He was a lot of fun to be around, and a great  story teller. We have missed his voice. He made fun of himself. His mischief: we were in Maputo, waiting for lunch, in comes a young lady, he asked young lady what do think of my grandson. She said he is too young. He said a man can never be seen as too young. Was a very strict grandfather - made us pick up our clothes before school. Driven by common decency. He celebrated humanity in every person he encountered. Story of his own life was a story of resilience. He went to school barefeet and yet rose to highest office in the land. He said it is within each of us to achieve anything we want in life. We shall miss you, your stern voice when not pleased with our behaviour. We shall miss your laughter. We love you. 

9.20 - Nandi Mandela to pay tribute, representing children, grand-children, great grand-children

9.19am: Choir sings.

9.15am: Obituary continues.

9.13am: Sapa reports on speech by Chief Matanzima: 

Mandela family representative chief Ngangomhlaba Matanzima on Sunday criticised the conduct of some people at this week's memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

"What we saw on Tuesday at FNB stadium [in Soweto] should never be seen again in this country," he told mourners in Xhosa.

"It makes a mockery of all the work Dhalibhunga [the praise name for Mandela] did and what he went to prison for."

Sections of the crowd at the FNB Stadium booed President Jacob Zuma at the memorial service when his face appeared on the big screens.

Matanzima said he wished South Africa and the ANC would follow Mandela's example of how he lived his life and united the country.

 9.12am - Obituary being read by Ndaba Mandela.

9.07am: Kathrada - we have been blessed by many remarkable men and women, and formations inside and outside the country. Blessed by the ANC. We are deeply grateful to Madiba. We are grateful that we live in a lively democracy. Deeply grateful to each and everyone of us who can proudly call us South Africans. We have a long road ahead - wish to address myself to Madiba or to Madala as we called each other. He was not my friend, was my elder brother. The last moments before you exit the public stage - your reserves of love, tolerance, justice serve as a source of strength. Symbolise reconciliation, forgiveness. In this spirit you challenge current generation to take up the cudgels. Today mingled with our grief is the pride that one of our own has united the people of SA and the entire world (his voice wavers at times). Quotes Mandela on death of Walter Sisulu. To Mrs Graca and family, we wish we could ease your grief and pain. We wish you strength. Madala, we are proud and grateful we can salute you, Farewell my dear brother. When Walter died I lost a father, when Madala died I lost a brother, My life is a void, I don't know who to turn to. 


9.02am - Ahmed Kathrada, one of longest living friends, speaks. Last time I saw Madiba alive was when I saw him hospital. He tightly held my hand. Overwhelming emotions - wished I did not have to confront what I saw. Recalled a strongly healthy man - what I saw in hospital was a man reduced to a shadow of himself. He has left us to join the A-team of the ANC, the ANC for which he sacrificed his whole life. 

8. 57 Ramaphosa welcoming more dignitaries - heads of delegations from various countries. Eminent persons recognised. Rev Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey. 

 8.54am: SABC subtitles say: Chief Matanzima says booing at FNB stadium diminished Mandela's legacy. Family acknowledges doctors who cared for Mandela. Acknowledges all of Mandela's in-laws.

8.43am: Choir sings. Family member Ngangomhlaba Matanzima addresses the gathering, speaking in isiXhosa.

8.40am: We have among us people who have travelled far - names various African leaders. Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Charles, Kenneth Kaunda, former prime ministers, deputy heads of state and government, heads of international organisations. Asks rep of family to come to stage.

8.36: Ramaphosa - the person who lies here today is Africa's greatest son. Welcomes all present and all watching. Welcomes Graca Machel, Mandela family and other dignitaries. - IOL Staff

8.34: Cyril Ramaphosa - 95 candles represent every year of his life. We will be burying him at 12 as befits a person of his stature - must be buried when the sun is at its highest. We will try to finish proceedings by 10.30 at the latest.

8.28: Mbete: Have sung two songs that were sung at the birth of the ANC. Now listen to a tape recorded by children who were so much part of his soul.

8.25 - Hymn sung. Sermon with the parable of the talents.

8.16 - Mbete - this is our first fully fledged state funeral. Has been an unprecedented week - rivers of tears about the son of this humble community. Leaves us with a new constitution, developing human rights ethos. The testimony of the leadership of our leader who lies here today. Combined choirs start national anthem.

 8.13 - Coffin placed on a stand surrounded by animal hides.

8.12 - Coffin carried down narrow aisle - guests have to move to give it room.

8.09 - Coffin removed from gun carriage, being carried in. Guests - except family members - asked to rise - hymn begins. - IOL Staff

 8.08 - Cavalcade halts at marquee. Baleka Mbete, ANC national chair, begins proceedings. 

 8.00 -  The coffin of former president Nelson Mandela was borne on a gun carriage as it was transported to the venue for his state funeral in Qunu in the Eastern Cape on Sunday. The coffin was draped with a South African flag, and was taken along a dusty road lined by SA National Defence Force personnel. Cannon were fired, accompanied by a military band and parade.

  7.53 - Soldiers present arms. Road lined by soldiers standing at attention. Army band leads them up the hill, road lined with Eastern Cape aloes. Cars bring up the rear. Sunny day.

7.47 - Military procession approaching. Coffin under an SA flag on a trailer behind a military vehicle. - IOL Staff

 7.41 - Doors to marquee just been closed. Singing and dancing as people wait for service to start. - IOL Staff