President Jacob Zuma

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma on Saturday said he was optimistic that a newly built school in the Eastern Cape would produce leaders of a high calibre.

“The school is a sound investment in the youth of Mbizana, so that we can be able to produce other Oliver Tambo's,” Zuma said in his speech prepared for delivery on Saturday.

He was handing over the Ethridge Junior Secondary School to the provincial government.

Zuma said the building of the school was an important step towards seeing children being taught in conducive environments.

“Teachers and learners must ensure that this investment in education yields returns through outstanding academic results in all grades and also through iron discipline on the school grounds and beyond,” Zuma said.

He called on teachers to “rededicate and recommit” to delivering quality standard of teaching.

“The children you mould should be able to lead this country forward to prosperity.”

Zuma applauded Anglo American Platinum for its role in the construction of the school and called on other mining companies, who had a high number of employees from the province, to invest in similar projects.

“The contribution of about R45 million including facilities such as a computer and science laboratory by Anglo American Platinum ensures that the associated opportunities that have arisen out of this project benefit the locals.”