Jean-Claude Uithaler, 20, Khawulelani Gqunta, 19, and Sinethemba Mfihlo, 19, were found guilty of the premeditated murder of off-duty prison warden Quinton Williams. Photo: Raahil Sain/ANA

PORT ELIZABETH - The former wife of a prison warden who was brutally butchered to death took to the stand in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Wednesday and recalled the trauma and financial burden she endured after the death of her former husband Quinton Williams.

In aggravation of sentence, Elize Marais told the court that she and her four daughters were traumatised because, at the time of his death, Williams was the sole breadwinner.

Even though the couple were divorced, they still lived together with their four daughters. 

Marais said it was “financially devastating” and her sister had to help buy food and pay utility bills for the family household.

“It was financially very difficult for us. I had to wait until 2016 until I got his pension money,” said Marais. 

Williams died in June 2014 as a result of head injuries, with all the bones in his skull sustaining multiple fractures. 

He also sustained around 30 stab wounds, which included wounds to his lungs and kidneys. 

According to a pathologist, Williams also sustained circumferential cutting of his penis and most of his face was bruised and lacerated.  

Jean-Claude Uithaler, 20, Khawulelani Gqunta, 19, and Sinethemba Mfihlo, 19, were earlier found guilty on charges of premeditated murder and robbery. 

In June 2014, Williams was off duty and on his way home from a tavern in Booysens Park. 

He was followed by the young men who were armed with knives. They tripped him, demanded money and started to attack him with bricks and stones.

The men also stole an undisclosed amount of money and a pair of takkies from Williams. 

An emotional Marais said one of her daughters dropped out of school in Grade 9 as a result of her mental health deteriorating after her father’s death. 

Judge Irma Schoeman is expected to hand down sentence on November 1. 

African News Agency (ANA)