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A 66-year-old Jeffreys Bay kayaker swam to safety on Saturday when his vessel sank after it hit a rock out at sea, said the NSRI.

NSRI spokesman Andrew Ingram said the man initially contacted the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) for help after he ran into trouble with his kayak.

However by the time the NSRI arrived, he had already swum to shore and saved himself.

Ingram commended the man for having gone out properly equipped.

“The man is commended for having a lifejacket on and for having the local NSRI emergency number stored in his cell phone which was in a waterproof sleeve,” said Ingram.

He was mildly hypothermic when he reached the shore and was treated by paramedics.

“The NSRI is urging everyone launching a craft to wear a life-jacket,” said Ingram.

“Always have your safety kit attached to your life jacket. It should include red distress pencil flares, a signalling mirror or CD disc, a referee's whistle, a waterproof torch and a cellphone in a water-tight sleeve.” -Sapa