Cape Town -  An Eastern Cape family is struggling to make sense of the death of their 35-year-old daughter, Nozuko Cobi Jikija, on Wednesday.

Nozuko, from Wesley Location, was shot and killed in Loverstwist - a village near Peddie - where she had just started a new job as a caregiver to an elderly woman. 

Anelisa Jikija said her sister started her job on Friday, but “unfortunately was killed by unknown people on Wednesday.” Anelisa said

Vuyiswa Poni, a community member from Wesley, said four people - three males and one female - were looking for Nozuko same day she was murdered. 

“They were in a red Toyota Tazz,” Poni said.  “They asked if I know Nozuko, and I asked them why they were looking for her. One of them said they knew her from Cape Town and they want her to show them to a Mpofu family.” 

Poni said she was suspicious. “I refused to give them the lead to Nozuko.”

Nozuko's brother,  Ludwe Jikija, said the four allegedly tracked Nozuko down after hours of searching. According to Ludwe, the suspects claimed that they were looking for their father whom they believe was dating with her while she was in Cape Town. They claimed that the father left the city with Nozuko.

Nozuko was shot dead in front of the old woman and two children that she was taking care of. 

Police spokesperson Mali Govender said they were investigating a case of murder, however, no arrests have been made yet.

Community Police Forum Chairperson Nopinki Phangalala said they were aware of the shooting.

“Whenever something of this nature happens, we always request the community to assist us.” 

Cape Argus