The allegations are still unproven but have already caused a tsunami of outrage - Eugene Terre'Blanche, leader of the macho neo-Nazi AWB, had sex with men, and horrors, with black men, too. If so, and if his loyal followers can bring themselves to believe this, which seems unlikely, it will leave his reputation in tatters.

Two decades ago there was not quite such shock when Terre'Blanche, perhaps at the height of his power, had a tempestuous affair with one of South Africa's best-known women, Jani Allan, the provocative blonde Sunday Times columnist.

Her affair exploded in the British press. Jani sued, and after weeks of the most bizarre evidence, she lost her case and a lot of money.

Buy The Star today to read an edited version of a report of the case when another Sunday Times staffer, Linda Shaw, once Jani's dearest friend, turned on her. That day Jani learnt that hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned.