Ex-SANDF chief turns table on muggers

By Time of article published May 18, 2008

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Two muggers were arrested in Ohrigstad after ex-SANDF chief General Constand Viljoen, 74, put up a spirited fight against them in the street, the Sunday newspaper Rapport said.

Viljoen, now a farmer, chased the two into public toilets after he was robbed of his wallet while he had been in town shopping on Thursday.

He had chased after them in tattered trousers after the men had ripped the trousers apart to grab his wallet, Rapport said.

Initally no one would help Viljoen as he grappled with his assailants, said his wife, Risti, but later police and others descended on the area to apprehend the culprits amid a gathering crowd of onlookers. - Sapa

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