UCT students are seen on the steps of Jameson Hall. Picture: David Ritchie/ANA
Cape Town - The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) has welcomed the recommendations of the Herer Commission's inquiry into the feasibility of scraping fees for tertiary education in South Africa.

The report on the commission's findings was made public by President Jacob Zuma on Monday.

"Free education will enable mass youth skills revolution which is a critical pillar to advance radical economic transformation," the league said.

However the Women's League has rejected the recommendation of income-contingency loans (ICL) sourced from commercial banks. "Some of the commercial banks in South Africa are fingered in the manipulation of the currency and the  largest  share  of  the  top  South  African  banks  is  owned  by  foreigners whose interest is not maximise profit," the ANCWL said in a statement released on Monday. 

The ANCWL reiterated its calls for government to establish a State Bank and licence the South African Post Office as a commercial bank. "Government must refrain doing business with commercial banks that are fingered in the manipulation of the currency and failing to pay back the money as per the Public Protector CIEX report," the league said.