Peter Frederiksen is accused of cutting off women's geintals. File picture: Soraya Crowie
Johannesburg - Alleged genital mutilator Peter Frederiksen did not keep a proper record of the firearms and ammunition that he sold at his gun shop in Bloemfontein, and some of the weapons could not be easily registered because they did not appear on the country’s Central Firearms Registry in Pretoria, the Free State High Court heard on Tuesday.

This was the testimony of Reggie Ngubeni, the former manager of Impala Arms, which was owned by Frederiksen and operated in central Bloemfontein.

He said this made it difficult for him to register the weapons, and he had to seek the assistance of the registration authority to trace some of the previous owners or origins of the firearms in order to register them successfully.

Frederiksen is facing several counts of contravening the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 by supplying false information in an application, illegal possession of firearms and loss or dispossession of firearms.

The police firearms unit inspected Impala Arms after Frederiksen was arrested in September 2015, facing multiple charges including assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

According to the inspection report, the accused could not give account of 1 488 firearms and the loss of the firearms. There were only 100 firearms and there were no documents or licences for them, resulting in Frederiksen being charged with illegal possession of firearms.

He now faces a total of 58 charges that include allegations of slicing off women’s private parts, rape, and the conveyance and possession of unregistered medicine after he was found with several bottles of Xylocain, a local anaesthetic.

He is also charged with contravening the Immigration Act, conspiracy to commit murder, fraud, and of manufacturing, distributing and possession of child pornography.

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