File photo: AP

Johannesburg - The owners of the Bagamoya Wildlife Estate near Bloemfontein on Wednesday denied that a lion had attacked one of its guests.

“No one was attacked, people don't understand that,” said Sharine Barnard.

“He wasn't bitten, he was scratched. If a lion bites you then there will be nothing left of you.”

Beeld newspaper reported that Begbie Hunter was attacked and bitten by one of the lions on Monday.

A picture accompanied the article showing him with bandaged wounds on his back.

Hunter told the newspaper he was between two male lions when one of them clawed his back and threw him to the ground.

Hunter then felt the lion's teeth on his neck.

The newspaper reported he sustained multiple wounds to his back, neck, arm and leg. It reported that the lion's teeth penetrated his right ear and shoulder.

Hunter said the incident lasted no more than five minutes before one of the owners Botha Barnard led the lion away. - Sapa