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Johannesburg – Renowned South African author Karel Schoeman has committed suicide, his lawyer Carl van Rensburg confirmed on Wednesday.

Media reports said Schoeman died late on Monday in a retirement home in Bloemfontein at the age of 77.

Schoeman was one of the country's most prolific and prize-winning authors and he was even tipped for the Nobel Prize.

His relatively unknown status has been attributed to his writing primarily in Afrikaans.

In a letter posted on Twitter we can see that Schoeman was determined to end his life.

Van Rensburg denied reports that he had stopped taking food and water.

"He found another way to end his life," he said. "I presume some sort of medication must have been involved."

Van Rensburg said Schoeman had left a letter behind. The letter said he did not want to be old and become a burden to anyone.

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