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Bloemfontein - Eskom has urged Free State residents to stop wasting electricity.

“Switch off at any time, and not just at peak times,” Moeketsi Mathosa, an Eskom Free State network manager, said on Tuesday.

As winter approached, people should remember “less is more” with electricity, he told journalists in Bloemfontein.

“The less electricity people use, the more electricity will be available to go around.”

Eskom Free State general manager Lindi Mthombeni confirmed the national electricity system would be tight this winter.

She urged Free State residents not to wait for alert messages flashing on their television screens before saving power.

“We must do something before we get there (alert warnings).”

Mthombeni said maintenance of the national system would continue through winter.

She said it was critical all Eskom customers reduce their electricity consumption by 10 percent ahead of winter.

Eskom has 233 115 customers in the Free State, more than 90 percent of whom are residential customers.