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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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A reliable moving company will be needed if you are following the trend of semigrating in South Africa

More South African residents are semigrating to Cape Town and the Western Cape.

More South African residents are semigrating to Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Published Jan 26, 2022


Despite the pandemic leaving devastating effects on South Africa’s tourism industry, 2022 looks to be more promising than ever as more and more South African residents are semigrating to Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Hosting an incredible value proposition, residents from Gauteng, KZN, Eastern Cape and Pretoria are grabbing any possible opportunities to move to Cape Town, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Birthing a new era of remote working, the pandemic has opened up a new work-from-lifestyle. People now have more flexible career options to live, work and entertain themselves in their preferred province.

Amidst the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to adapt and implement a hybrid or work-from-home lifestyle. This new way of working has led many to re-evaluate and rethink the quality of their work and home life.

Naturally, people have concluded that working from home in a more gratifying space with beautiful scenery and breathtaking outdoor views can be a lot more enjoyable than heading into the office.

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With that being said, Cape Town and various parts of the Western Cape has become one of the most popular destinations for semigration. Known for its magnificent beachside views, efficient municipalities, amenities and affordable and reliable moving companies, it’s no surprise that so many residents are flocking to the Mother City. According to recent property data, Cape Town Metro offers the ideal balance between work and leisure, making it an affordable and compelling destination for folks to move to.

While the coastal lifestyle is a perk for most, it certainly isn’t the only reason people choose to relocate to the Western Cape. Steadily increasing, with more than 35% of people moving to the Western Cape in 2021, here are a few of the most common reasons residents have chosen to relocate.

Better quality of life and low crime rate

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While the decision to semigrate is solely based on lifestyle preference, the Western Cape is perceived by many as a province that has a good infrastructure, low crime rate and better service delivery.

Better service delivery

Believe it or not, most people choose to relocate to cities and towns that they believe would offer them functional service delivery. In a recent interview, a mom who previously stayed in Pretoria decided to relocate moved to Cape Town using a share load moving company in Johannesburg due to better work opportunities and higher salaries available. According to her, other attractions include enjoyable nature activities and safety and security, which she says is “way better than what Gauteng has to offer”.

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Moving has become affordable

With semigration increasing, moving locally or nationally has become affordable and reliable with a trusted furniture removals company. And, let’s face it, packing up your entire life is no joke and requires efficiency and reliability. With Furniture Removals from Durban to Johannesburg and movers to KZN and the UK, finding an affordable and reliable long- distance moving company has never been easier.

Although Western Cape is attracting the bulk of the semigration interest, there is a sectioreasonable amount of interest from people that want to move to Durban in KwaZulu-Natal as well says Durban furniture removal company director Mr Brad Moore, There is also increased international interest to relocate and more specifically moving to The United Kingdom.

Despite facing difficulties, whether it's crime and safety concerns or even load shedding, there’s no doubt that no matter where South African residents choose to relocate, they’ll always express a deep sense of love and pride for their country.

Are you considering semigration? Get an affordable and reliable moving company to assist you today in South Africa or United Kingdom Removals.

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