Photo: @MichaelSun168/Twitter.

Alexandra - Two people have been arrested for public violence as a shutdown looms in Alexandra, Johannesburg, on Wednesday morning. 

Alexandra residents on Tuesday vowed to bring the township to a standstill as they protest poor service delivery and lawlessness in the area. 

The protesters also take issue with the City of Joburg, which is accused of overlooking the township, and are demanding mayor Herman Mashaba come and address their grievances.

The shutdown thus far as has seen several roads barricaded and a heavy metro police presence in the area. 

Joburg Metro police's Wayne Minnaar confirmed the blockading of several roads as the protest gets underway. 

"Protesters have attempted to block Vincent Tshabalala and the N3 and Malboro and N3 by burning tyres and placing rocks. Officers have dispersed those protesters and have opened the road. 

"They've also arrested two protesters believed to be ringleaders."

Minnaar added that at this point there were sporadic groupings in the area but said there was a heavy police presence and that traffic was flowing. 

* This is a developing story