Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba suspended two employees for allegedly fraudulently transferring R800 000 to a company of attorneys. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/ANA

Johannesburg - Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has denied any corrupt activity linked to the awarding of over R11 million to a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) with close ties to him.  

Mashaba’s denial follows accusations made by the ANC in Gauteng accusing the mayor of influencing the awarding of a contract to Field Band Foundation – an organisation he served as chairperson for 16 years.

FBF deals with youth issues and its appointment is meant to be part of the city’s initiative of funding drug alleviating programmes for young people. 

It also falls within the city’s drug awareness programme set to run for three years.

The ANC says Mashaba forced the Department of Social Development to appoint the organisation without it even submitting a proposal.

The party says it has approached the Public Protector on the matter and will ask the Council speaker to refer the matter to ethics committee.

Mashaba said the accusations from the ANC are just dirty political tactics aimed at painting the DA-led government in a bad light.

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“We observe that the ANC offers no evidence to back their claim of undue influence, relying on insinuation and political conjecture.”

“These tactics by the ANC must be viewed as an effort to disrupt the work of our government, and the efforts to deliver change to the residents of our City. They should be viewed and responded with contempt,” said Mashaba.

The mayor said contrary to the ANC’s statements, social development did seek a proposal from FBF and found that it was above board and would be of value to the city. 

He admitted that he has contributed funds to the organisation and continues to do so.

“Through the powers afforded to MMCs, a grant was approved and tabled in the Mayoral Committee. While the ANC would have our residents believe that this was improper, it was done in the open in forums involving many city officials. It was formally recorded in a report to the Mayoral Committee – hardly the efforts of a government seeking to hide something,” said Mashaba.

“I derive no benefit from the city supporting the Field Band Foundation, and I have derived no benefit from the NGO over the many years of my support for it. The work performed by this organisation is something which should be celebrated by the residents of our city.”

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