ANC supporters slept outside Luthuli House after buses that were supposed to take them to East London for the party's 106th celebration failed to arrive. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

Johannesburg - Hundreds of ANC supporters slept on the pavement outside Luthuli House after buses that were to take them to East London for the ANC 106th celebrations failed to arrive.

However, the fact that they spent Thursday night on the cold tarmac did not dampen their mood and excitement as in the morning they were up singing and chanting outside the offices.

Most of them were carrying their luggage, blankets and food for the long trip ahead. Some of them drank alcoholic drinks while others blew vuvuzelas as they waited for the buses to arrive.

57-year-old Evelyn Sithole from Slovoville in Soweto said she slept outside the Luthuli building and despite this she was still fully supporting the ANC and was excited for the upcoming celebrations taking place this weekend. 

“We got to Park Station Thursday around 4pm and were told that the bus was waiting for us. When we got to Luthuli House, there was no bus or anything. We waited for the whole night and slept in groups. The metro police were present but nothing was done to assist us. As you can see, it's havoc and chaos and we are still waiting and we don't know what is happening,” Sithole said.

Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

Sithole has been staying in an RDP house for the past 20 years, is unemployed and lives off her four grandchildren’s grant money and this is one of the major reasons she in full support of the political party.

She said sleeping on the pavement would not derail her or change her perception of the newly-elected president, Cyril Ramaphosa because she was happy and enthusiastic about the change he would bring to the country.

Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

“Ramaphosa is going to change things for us. I am sure he will create jobs for the us and finally give our area the dignity it needs. It is near Doornkop Mine and we are affected by dust, asthma and cancer. So I know he will make a huge difference in our lives."

She said if all went well, they would arrive in East London on Saturday morning and head straight to the Buffalo City Stadium then return on Sunday.

She said they were told that the bus would arrive Friday morning at 10:00. However, long after midday, the buses has still not arrived.

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