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File picture: Pixabay

Apology - Karan Beef

Time of article published Nov 22, 2019

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On 18 November 2019, IOL caused an image to be published about Karan Beef in which it suggested to the reader that:-

* a transaction was concluded between PIC and Karan Beef; and

* Karan Beef has lost money for the PIC due to corruption and accounting fraud.

It has since come to our attention that the statements made about Karan Beef in the offending image are false in that :-

* no transaction has been concluded with the PIC and thus Karan Beef is not in receipt of any funds of the PIC; and

* there is no instance of accounting fraud or corruption concerning the business of Karan Beef nor its proprietors.

Accordingly, we apologise unreservedly and unconditionally to Karan Beef and in particular the Karan family for any harm which may have been caused to their dignity, good name and reputation by our publication of the offending image. 

As a mark of our regret, we have agreed to publish this apology across all of our digital platforms.

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