Vusi "Khekhe" Mathibela. Photo: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Premier David Makhura on Wednesday welcomed the arrest of the alleged criminal kingpin Vusi "Khekhe" Mathibela.

Police said Mathibela had been on the run following a number of alleged crimes in the townships of Mamelodi and Atteridgeville.

"It is alleged by the community that Mathibela had made the two townships his 'golden den' for his criminal activities, such as unlawfully taking over other people's businesses, forcing taxi owners to pay him 'protection fees', and eliminating his perceived enemies through the barrel of a gun.

"We are gradually winning the war against criminals. Those who have suffered under Mathibela's wrath and criminal deeds must applaud the men and women in blue uniforms. Through (Operation) Okae Molao we will work tirelessly to put all criminals or dangerous class behind bars and reclaim our public spaces from criminals," said Makhura.

Makhura said the arrest would bring much needed relief to the affected communities.

"We applaud the police and General Mawela for apprehending this hardened criminal that has been terrorising our communities," added Makhura.

Mathibela will appear in court soon.

African News Agency (ANA)