Benoni woman branded ‘racist’ over tweet saying that black people, not pit bulls, should be killed

Racist bookkeeper Belinda Magor said black people should be killed and banned, not pit bulls.

Racist bookkeeper Belinda Magor said black people should be killed and banned, not pit bulls.

Published Nov 25, 2022


Durban – The Sizwe Kupelo Foundation has called a Benoni woman an embarrassment to her peers after her racist voice note about black people went viral this week.

The foundation said it wouldn’t take the matter further as the South African Human Rights Commission was investigating.

According to TimesLive, SAHRC Commissioner André Gaum, described Belinda Magor's response as "horrific and deplorable".

He said the comments constituted prima-facie hate speech of the worst possible kind.

Bookkeeper Belinda Magor was responding to a message on a WhatsApp group in which she said black women's uteruses and ovaries should be removed.

In the clip, the woman says: "Estella/Stella, I agree with you wholeheartedly. What I say is ban the black man. They rape, they steal, they kill, worse than any pit bull could, and they get away with it. Ban those that are making the laws, ban Ekurhuleni, ban the black man.

"Get all the black women and cut out their uteruses and their ovaries that they cannot procreate because they will all turn out the same because they all the same.

“I’m very passionate about this. Ban them, kill them, shoot them. Get rid of them because they are the problem. Not pit bulls, not animals.

“Animals are beautiful, and they deserve a warm bed, food, love and attention and everything else. God created those animals. Who created the black man. Do you think God? I don't think so," she said.

"We feel that the voice note is unfortunate. It has no place in South Africa. It is distasteful," the foundation told Jacaranda FM.

The foundation started a petition to ban pitbulls following a spate of maulings in recent months. It has already amassed over 120 000 signatures calling for the power breed to be banned. It will be handed over to the ministers of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development, Health and Police, as well as the Presidency.

The call to ban pit bulls in South Africa comes as other countries like Russia, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal, parts of Germany, parts of China, parts of Brazil and parts of Australia, among a host of countries, have either banned, or put restrictions on ownership of the breed or its importation.