Cathy van Oudshoorn claims her adoptive father forced her to marry him. Picture: Zelda Venter

Pretoria - Alleged black widow Cathy van Oudshoorn who is accused of killing her adoptive father, who later became her husband, claimed she had shot him as she could no longer handle the years of abuse which he had subjected her to.

“I took his gun out of the safe and walked towards him where he was sitting in the lounge, watching television. I closed my eyes and pressed the trigger,” she said in a statement read out by her advocate to the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria on Monday.

The 31-year-old woman has not yet pleaded to an array of charges against her, including murder. But her version was placed before Judge Hennie de Vos as the defence applied for her to be referred to Weskoppies Hospital for observation.

She claimed that her father turned husband Chris van Oudtshoorn, 58, once again became abusive on the evening of April 11, 2016, while watching television at their Brakpan home. 

Fearful that he was again going to hurt her and realising she won’t be able to go through the hurt again, she opted to shoot him. Thus, her advocate said, she could not contain herself and she should not be held accountable.

Her adoptive mother, Jorine van Niekerk, who is serving jail time for assisting her after the killing to make the scene look as if there was a robbery, was in court in shackles, ready to take the stand against her daughter.

She claimed Van Oudtshoorn planned the killing.

According to Van Oudtshoorn’s statement, she was placed in the foster care of Van Niekerk and the deceased when she was four. They legally adopted her when she was nine. 

She claimed that since she was six the deceased abused and molested her. When she turned 13 the abuse became worse, she said.

Van Niekerk eventually divorced the deceased and left her behind.

Van Oudtshoorn said she fell pregnant from another man who left her and the deceased threatened to take her child away if she did not stay with him.

“In 2008 he forced me to marry him. He always told me I was stupid and ugly and that no one will look at me...I believed him.”

She said the abuse continued during their marriage until the day of the incident when he was extremely aggressive because he battled to get hold of her while he was at work.

Van Oudtshoorn said her mother (Van Niekerk) was visiting at the time and she knew that when the older woman went to bed, her husband would once again hurt her. While her mother was outside the house, speaking on the phone, she shot the deceased.

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