20/01/2014. Yvonic Janse van Rensburg. Picture: Oupa Mokoena

Pretoria - The father of Baby L and well-wishers held hands in prayer for the recovery of the two-year-old girl as they stood in front of 17 burning candles arranged in an “L” on Monday night.

Another two-year-old girl wrapped in a blanket sat with a small candle in her hand next to a poster that read: “Baby L, Jesus loves you.”

A handful of people, young and old alike, gathered in the parking lot of the Steve Biko Academic Hospital where Baby L was spending her 22nd day in high care.

The toddler was admitted to ICU at the hospital on December 30 after she lost consciousness while in the care of her young mother’s partner, who claims she fell off a washing machine.

The mother and her partner have since been arrested and charged with attempted murder and child abuse and neglect.

They have brought a bail application in the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court.

A doctor’s report indicates that the extensive critical internal injuries the child suffered could not have occurred in the alleged fall.

Baby L’s dad has been holding a vigil at her bedside since she was admitted to hospital, with prayer services being held daily.

Last night a group of bikers also showed up to join hands in prayer with Baby L’s dad, grandmother and members of the Afrikaans lobbying group Boere Krisis Aksie (BKA).

“We are confident that with every day comes more healing. Baby L will walk out of the hospital and she will be completely healed,” said supporter Yolanda du Preez.

She is a family friend of Baby L’s dad and has supported him throughout the ordeal.

“He does not speak much but you can see the stress and pain in his eyes. He is trying so hard to help his daughter,” she said.

“He said that she likes strawberries so I told him about a bath salt that gives off a very strong strawberry smell.

“Now he pours that in hot water and lets the aroma fill the steam.

“That is to stimulate Baby L’s brain into remembering things.”

Du Preez said she was not in a position to comment further on Baby L’s progress, but added that the little girl was doing better. They were all “taking it day by day”.

On Monday night Baby L’s dad said he had left his daughter’s side to join in the prayers, but did not want to comment on his daughter’s state of health, saying he would do so at a later stage. “My child needs all the prayers she can get.

“I am so grateful for the support we have from people far and wide. Those not here have lit candles at home for her recovery and we are so grateful.”

Baby L’s mother and her partner are due back in court on Thursday to continue their bail application.

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