A family in Klipspruit West in the south of Joburg make a fire to boil water to prepare food. Picture: Timothy Bernard

Johannesburg - Engineers were working around the clock to restore power in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, City Power said on Friday evening.

“Power has been restored in Eldorado Park, Klipspruit, Nancefield and Devland, except for Lenasia,” said spokesman Sol Masolo.

“We are working around the clock to restore electricity in Lenasia. It is very cold, we have to work and fix the problem.”

Power went out on Thursday evening in the areas south of Johannesburg.

The power interruption was caused by the theft of 88kV electricity pylons between the Nirvana and Nancefield substations.

“A pylon is a major thing, it is not a street light at all. We are replacing them and connecting them,” Masolo said earlier.

“It's a major concern. It is a very expensive exercise. We are taking as many measures as possible to ensure the pylons are protected and we are in contact with police in regards to this matter.”