190113. House number 42 at 5th street in Houghton, Johannesburg. 695 Picture: Dumisani Sibeko.

Johannesburg - Zindzi Mandela’s R2 million Houghton property has been cleaned up, courtesy of the City of Joburg.

The Star revealed last month that Zindzi had abandoned the property, which was overrun by tall grass and rats. The roof, windows and walls had been torn down by vandals.

Zindzi still lists that property as her residential address on legal documents.

Neighbours complained that the house was becoming a security risk and devaluing their properties.

The city issued the Zindzi Mandela Family Trust with a notice to clean up in December, but this was ignored. On Friday, workers moved in.

Ward councillor Marcelle Ravid said she was grateful to council authorities for co-operating with her on the clean-up and for the speedy response.

“They are very good at doing that. This type of issue is widespread across the city and I hope there is a city-wide resolution. The revenue department should also take action where there are arrears on these abandoned properties.”

According to City of Joburg spokesman Gabu Tugwana, an owner has to clean the stand and maintain that standard at all times, failing which the city would step in and do so at the owner’s expense.

The Star