Cape Town 26-04-11 - Kite boarder Patrice Hartmann enjoying the big swell at Long Beach Kommetjie with Table Mountain in the background Picture Brenton Geach

Cape Town - A happy family day flying kites on holiday in Stilbaai, near Cape Town, on New Year’s Eve turned into a nightmare for DA Joburg councillor for Windsor/Cresta Laurette van Zyl.

Van Zyl, her husband and family were flying a small kite on a hill near the town when they noticed a kite surfer having difficulty flying.

She and her husband Wouter were packing up for the day when her son noticed the flyer was coming dangerously close.

“He was warning my husband about it, and next thing I woke up in hospital,” she said.

Van Zyl suffered a brain haemorrhage and about five cracked bones in her face. She has had to have facial surgery.

Her husband also sustained bruises from the accident.

The young farmer from the area who caused the accident was treated for concussion.

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