Nonhlanhla Ndlovu shows off the organic fresh produce she grows in Hammarsdale.
As one of South Africa’s leading food producers, RCL Foods has always found ways to  positively contribute towards the communities and people it serves. Its ambition has been to  create impactful, effective and meaningful Corporate Social Investment, despite the scepticism of  both the private and public sector in this regard.

In July 2017, RCL Foods founded the DO MORE FOUNDATION. Through collaboration with  other organisations and individuals, who share its vision, it has a threefold mission: to DO MORE  for young children, to ease hunger, and to support youth.

“At the core of our foundation is the belief that achieving strong, sustainable solutions depends on  partnerships between a range of stakeholders – including corporates, NGOs, NPOs and  government departments – to create a better future for the most vulnerable members of society,”  said Warren Farrer, DO MORE FOUNDATION Executive. 

As an independently-run, separately- audited non-profit organisation, the DO MORE FOUNDATION provides a platform for and  facilitates these partnerships allowing the participants to maximise the social impact of their CSI  spend.

In line with the foundation’s values of authenticity and realness, it chose to wait a year before  officially launching to the public. However, in its founding year as an NGO, the DO MORE  FOUNDATION has already made considerable strides in impacting several communities,  particularly in the sphere of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

In December 2015 the South African Cabinet approved the National Integrated ECD Policy, a far- sighted document that envisages universal access for every South African young child to a  comprehensive package of quality services by 2030. 

The challenge lies in making this ambitious  policy a reality. 

The DO MORE FOUNDATION’s ‘Leave No Young Child Behind’ integrated ECD  initiative intends to do just that! 

Working in two of the most impoverished wards of Nkomazi, the  DO MORE FOUNDATION is endeavouring to implement the National Integrated ECD Policy  through a collaborative public/private partnership between provincial and district government  departments, the community, the municipality, business and civil society. 

Do More Foundation executive Warren Farrer, Nkomazi's mayor Johan Mkhatshwa and municipal manager Dan Ngwenya.
The initiative is co- chaired by Mpumalanga Department of Social Development and DO MORE FOUNDATION  together with the Department of Education and the Department of Health who are part of the  steering committee.

In South Africa literacy rates overall are very poor despite the fact that children learn to read and  then read to learn. The DO MORE FOUNDATION believes literacy starts long before school in the  very early years. 

For this reason it is proud to sponsor the Wordworks ‘Every Word Counts’ early  literacy and numeracy programme facilitated by FCW (Foundation for Community Work) for early  childhood teachers and playgroup facilitators in the Worcester area in collaboration with the  Western Cape Government and local municipality.

The DoMore4Hammarsdale initiative was founded a number of years ago by RCL FOODS to  address development issues in the community. A stakeholder community engagement process  enabled the development of a committee, which engages closely with the local community to  identify and address these issues. 

From only two parties involved in the initiative, today over 20  organisations are now participating in the DoMore4Hammarsdale initiative – an example of
collaboration of both public and private partners.

In addition to its work with people and communities, the DO MORE FOUNDATION also  addresses the needs of animals. Thanks to partnerships with the Gabrielle Faickney Charitable  Trust and Bonhappi-T, it has been able to donate over 3 tons per month of Bobtail and Catmor to  various organisations, including Project Dog, KZN Valley Dogs and the Inanda Dog Project.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION’S greatest impact has been in the sphere of food security, where it  has committed to easing hunger through a range of projects including small-scale farm  development and feeding schemes for ECD centres.

One partnership between RCL FOODS, Lima Rural Development Foundation and the Jobs Fund  in the Nkomazi region of Mpumalanga, has resulted in an exciting initiative to develop small-scale  vegetable farmers, boost food security and improve people's lives. This is supported by the launch  of the Do Good Market in Malalane, where freshly-picked, attractively packed vegetables are  supplied by the farmers, to be sold to the neighbouring communities.

These are just a few of the many initiatives that the DO MORE FOUNDATION has supported in its  inaugural year as an NGO.

“The first anniversary of the DO MORE FOUNDATION is an occasion to celebrate not just the  foundation itself, but the many other stakeholders from multiple sectors who have helped drive its  work. It is also an occasion to inspire more people and organisations to #DoMore to make a  positive difference using our collective passion, energy and resources,” said Farrer.

* Contact the DO MORE FOUNDATION: /[email protected]/031 242 8600

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