Duduzane Zuma Picture: Chris Collingridge/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Johannesburg - Former president Jacob Zuma's infamous son, Duduzane, may soon have his day in court facing culpable homicide charges after he was summonsed by the NPA to appear in court. Duduzane is expected to make his first appearance in court on July 12, his lawyer has confirmed. 

NPA spokesperson Phindi Louw confirmed that Duduzane was issued with a summons.  "Yes he is expected to appear on July 12. We are not sure if he will appear or not, we have issued a summons. If he does not appear we will issue a warrant of arrest," said Louw. 

The two-homicide case is the result of a 2014 accident in which Duduzane's car crashed into a taxi killing Phumzile Dube. The accident took place on the M1 in Johannesburg. Another woman who was also involved in the same accident died in hospital a few weeks later. 

The NPA had previously decided not prosecute Duduzane in 2014 even though a judge had ruled that he had a case to answer regarding the accident and the ultimate death of Dube. Earlier this year, the NPA announced that they would be looking into the charges against Duduzane, this was after lobby group Afriforum and former prosecutor Advocate Gerrie Nel threatened to privately prosecute Duduzane if the NPA did not take action and proceed with the homicide charges.