The rodent infestation in the inner city is posing a serious health hazard to residents, experts have warned. Photo: Chris Collingridge

Johannesburg - Bigger refuse bins to fight a rat problem are to be distributed by Ekurhuleni municipality to households in Wattville and Actonville, an official said on Tuesday.

“Reducing access to food for the rats by way of providing better storage for refuse, is a step in the right direction for the eradication of rodents,” said municipal spokesman Sam Modiba.

Over 64 000 bins of 240-litre capacity would be distributed in the areas concerned, starting this week.

“The metro is aware that residents in these areas have been complaining about the presence of rats and this is one of the remedies which the municipality is offering.”

Modiba said residents would have to present their recent municipal account statements or an identity document before being given a bin.

“One bin will be delivered to each household and recipients will be required to sign acknowledgement of receipt.”

The bins would be issued during the week between 8am and 5pm. - Sapa