Netcare paramedic Adrian King who responded to a call about a old woman who had succumed to the heat when her car broke down on the highway. Thanks to him she has made a full recovery. Picture: Shayne Robinson

An elderly woman was killed and three people were seriously injured when two cars collided on Munsie Avenue in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, on Wednesday evening, paramedics said.

“Common cause information suggests that the two vehicles collided and skidded to a halt in the junction,” Netcare 911 spokesman Jeffrey Wicks said.

The elderly woman was critically injured.

“Medics immediately initiated care as the woman's condition deteriorated drastically. Sadly she succumbed to her injuries despite the best efforts of medics.”

The woman's grandson and two occupants of the other car were in a serious condition. They were taken to Leratong Hospital. - Sapa