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Johannesburg - The farmer who allegedly forced his employee to gulp faeces is expected to be arrested after recuperating from surgery.

The farmer was admitted at an unknown hospital shortly after The Star ran a spine-chilling story on Wednesday detailing how he and his son forced their employee to drink 2 litres of faeces in December on their property in Endicott, Ekurhuleni. 

They allegedly assaulted him while calling him the k-word. The wife is said to have joined in the incident by assaulting the man with a torch.

They then threw the man into a sewer hole and locked him in their yard.

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Since the story broke, police have since arrested his wife and son after they handed themselves over to Spring police station in Ekurhuleni. The pair appeared in court early on Friday morning and their bail application hearing was set for next week.

"The wife and son came with their attorney to the police station yesterday (Thursday) and handed themselves over. They were kept in custody and will be in custody until their next court appearance," said police spokesperson Johannes Ramphora on Friday. 

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Ramphora was not sure when the husband was admitted at hospital.

"What we know is that he underwent a critical surgery and we will wait for him to heal before we can arrest him. Our investigating officer is in constant contact with the hospital for updates on his health," said Ramphora.

There had been earlier reports that the man had fled from police.

The Star understands that kidnapping, and assault have been added on top of the original charges of crimen injuria and defamation of character.

The man, 36, had been working for the family as a mechanic for two years. He was attacked after he failed to switch on a pump for a septic tank.

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