The school principal accused of sexually abusing pupils at Reiger Park Secondary School in Ekurhuleni also allegedly hired teachers in exchange for sexual favours.

Street vendors operating at the school and some parents claimed the principal had been involved in the sex for jobs scandal for several years.

The school was recently rocked by the alleged sex scandals after videos and pictures of the principal having sex with girls in his office went viral on social media. Three teachers were identified on the videos.

The school currently employs 86 teachers, 48 males and 38 female teachers.

The vendors said they were not shocked by the video and pictures showing the man performing sexual acts with pupils.

They alleged the man was also hiring women staff in exchange for sex. One of the vendors said the principal was a cunning man who preyed on unsuspecting pupils.

“He is a snake. He always speaks with a soft voice to attract people and pupils around him. Then he would search your mind,” she said.

“One would think he is a good man, but he is a devil. He hired women in exchange for sex.”

The vendor also alleged the man performed sexual acts with some of the women who prepare food for pupils.

“We know one of the ladies who was involved with him from that scheme,” the vendor said, adding she was worried as she has a child who attends the same school.

“How do these teachers stand in front of her while they are doing bad things like this? This also means my daughter is not protected in this school. This is disgusting.”

The man could not be reached for comment.

On Tuesday, Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the school and announced all teachers and officials who were involved with the alleged sex scandal had been removed from the institution.

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Investigation had begun against the principal but the case was now facing complicated legal territory, as videos of the assault have been circulated on social media.

“By re-tweeting or keeping the footage saved online users are also committing a criminal offence,” he said.

The department has requested the South African Council of Educators to remove him from the roll of teachers.

But the vendor said the department should also probe those who were hired in exchange for sex. The woman said some of them might not be qualified.

“They (department of education) must also not forget about those who were given jobs for sex. This school is now rotten, and department should clean up. This is really bad,” she said.

Another vendor echoed these sentiments, alleging the principal was corrupt. However, some parents are not convinced the principal could be involved in the sexual abuse scandal. Among them was James, who has two children attending the school.

“This man was good. I still don't believe all of this. He was a responsible man who was dedicated to his job. I didn't even watch the video because I think someone out there was trying to tarnish his good character,” he said.

Even the school governing body (SGB) is scrambling for answers as to how the man, whom they also described as “good”, could be at the centre of the scandal.

“What happened is very sad because he was a good man. And as the SGB, we were shocked when we found out about the pictures last Friday,” said Leonard Jansen, an SGB member.

“But I don't believe what these people told you because when a teacher is appointed we also involve the union. But regarding this matter, we saw everything on social media. Now we want closure and those involved should be investigated,” he said.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona said: “We are not aware of the said allegations, however we call upon members of the community to interact with our officials for necessary action accordingly.”

Boksburg police station spokesperson Sergeant Mashudu Phathela said no case had been opened against the principal.

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