Gautrain bus drivers went on strike on Wednesday, forcing certain bus services to be suspended, the Bombela Concession Company said. File photo: Etienne Creux

Johannesburg - Gautrain bus drivers who briefly walked off the job were back at work on Wednesday morning, the company which runs the high-speed trains, Bombela, said.

“We did have disruptions last night and early this morning but fortunately as we speak it is resolved and all the buses are running normally again,” spokesman Errol Braithwaite said.

“There was a bargaining council wage agreement signed in May and effective first of July, and will reflect on driver payslips at the end of July.”

Several bus drivers misunderstood that, expecting to see the agreement reflected in their June salary, and walked off the job.

The two stations that were primarily affected were Sandton and Rosebank.

“It is very disappointing that people decided to flout industrial relations processes and walk off the job, but in any event everyone is back at work,” said Braithwaite.

“Now we will just need to engage fully with the drivers and see what issues there are to ensure everyone is in the picture.” - Sapa