The temporary Grayston Bridge on the M1 highway and the Grayston interchange in Johannesburg collapsed on October 14, 2015, killing two people and injuring 19. File photo: Arrive Alive

JOHANNESBURG - The commission of inquiry appointed to probe Johannesburg's Grayston pedestrian bridge collapse has completed hearing oral evidence and now awaits the submission of closing arguments, the labour department said Friday.

''The commission now awaits the submission of written heads of arguments by legal representatives of interested stakeholders by 14 August 2018. This will be followed by written responses to the heads of argument which are expected to be submitted by 17 September 2018,'' the department said in a statement.

The inquiry, chaired by Lennie Samuel, was marred by delays and postponements since its first sitting in February 2016. Progress at the inquiry had been slow, causing consternation among those affected and public concern regarding accountability.  

The Section 32 inquiry was set-up by the department following the collapse of the temporary bridge on 14 October 2015 on Grayston Drive / M1. Two peopel died and 19 others were injured. 

The hearing was appointed by the department in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act to investigate instances of negligence and non-compliance with legislation.

Witnesses who appeared before the inquiry included engineering experts, the employees of construction companies and environmental, health and safety officers.

Murray and Roberts Infrastructure was at the centre of the inquiry as it was the principal contractor appointed by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) to build the bridge.

African News Agency (ANA)