Heavy rains cause chaos in Gauteng

By Vusin Adonis Time of article published Dec 9, 2019

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Johannesburg - Persistent rain around Gauteng has lead to the flooding of many low-laying areas and a number of road closures. 

Traffic has come to a standstill as roads and bridges have been blocked in the interests of safety for motorists and pedestrians. 

Motorists were forced to abandon their vehicles as they were caught in flash floods on bridges and poorly drained roads. 

Emergency Services spokesperson Charles Mabaso said: “Road users should not attempt to cross the two low water bridges and any other stream where the water has swelled above normal. They should rather use alternative routes.”

Pictures and videos of the havoc caused by the inclement weather have been doing the rounds on social media. One such video is that of the Centurion Hotel. The video shows a flooded lobby area with no way for patrons to exit the hotel. A helicopter has been enlisted to help evacuate the trapped patrons. 

Inclement weather has caused havoc all over Gauteng. Heavy rains are expected to persist until at least Wednesday. Video: Vusin Adonis

Earlier emergency personnel had attempted to rescue the patrons but water levels were too high.

Informal settlements in Mamelodi bore the brunt of the relentless showers. Dwellings have been washed away and some residents lost their possessions like passports and identification documents and other valuables.

While there have been no deaths reported emergency services personnel remain on high alert.

Heavy rains are expected to persist until at least Wednesday.


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