Screengrab: @IAmHomoNaledi
Screengrab: @IAmHomoNaledi

H.naledi: from cave to Twitter in one day

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Sep 10, 2015

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Cape Town - The big announcement was made just before 11 on Thursday and by 1pm five active Twitter accounts had already sprung up proclaiming to be Homo Naledi.

The accounts go by variations of "Homo Naledi” [email protected] already amassing over 50 tweets and 110 people following @HomoNaledi.

Many tweeps were eager to make the acquaintance of the new species of human relative, but H. naledi was less than willing to interact with Homo sapiens.

“Why are y’all waking me up?” tweeted @IAmHomoNaledi, whose bio reads: The Real Ancestor of all things Fabulous.

But with the news that #homonaledi was a trending topic in the US, @fossilnaledi celebrated its newfound fame saying: FAMOUS IN THE USA BABY!

And like many stars, Homo Naledi is clearly a bit of a diva: tweeting: Don't study me, you won't graduate.

“This hairline and relaxed hair is still better than yours,” was another sassy comment.

The discovery of Homo Naledi has created a number of trending topics on Twitter, one being #WhatTheyFoundInMaropeng, with hundreds of ideas tweeted. Everything from Deez Nuts, Flight MH370 and Clive Naidoo's new home was all discovered in Maropeng, according to Twitter.

One user suggested that maybe President Zuma's morals could be found in Maropeng.

While social media is always quick to joke about something serious, the discovery of Homo naledi is one that will bring greater insight into the existence on the origins and diversity of our genus.


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