In response to an article published in The Star this morning, the radio station issued a statement saying it had cordial interactions with the EFF.

The company took issue with the headline of The Star story: Hot91.9fm fears EFF, claiming that it was misleading and that "interaction with local office-bearers of the EFF over the past 2 days".

"The concerns for safety are a response in terms of corporate governance to the extraordinary circumstances of this matter whereby appropriate steps have been
taken to protect persons and property that potentially could be affected adversely. The normal operation of the station continues and the station continues to enjoy a
very substantial community listenership and support with no disruptions to operations and community work. Lives of staff have not been placed at risk at any stage as reported in The Star", the statement said.

The statement comes after the newspaper reported on a court application to file status quo order papers against the EFF. According to The Star, managing director Lloyd Madurai claimed they felt threatened after the party’s members came to the station offices twice this week. Their visits came hours after the radio station fired Martinengo on Tuesday for calling EFF leader Julius Malema a monkey live on-air.

Madurai said the order was to seek peace and protection from threats and intimidation of staff, damage to premises as well as equipment which amounts to about R4million after he allegedly received two intimidating visits from EFF members.

“The man requested to talk to me and I was open. He came in, requesting personal details of Martinengo and I explained to him that Martinengo had been dismissed and he said I made a good decision otherwise there would have been dire consequences. I explained that I could not issue any personal details,” said Madurai.

“Also, his WhatsApp display picture shows him holding a rifle so I am intimidated,’’ he added.

The Star and IOL