File Picture: Se-Anne Rall
File Picture: Se-Anne Rall

Judgment in case of Ennerdale cops accused of killing suspect in custody

By Botho Molosankwe Time of article published Oct 29, 2020

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Johannesburg - Judgement was on Thursday expected in the case of two police officers accused of killing a suspect in custody two years ago.

Innocent Sebediela of Lawley, died at the Ennerdale Police Station holding cells after he was allegedly assaulted by Constable Derrick Johnson and Constable Abraham Dintwe.

Sebediala was one of the people arrested for a break-in at his brother-in-law’s house where a TV was stolen.

He was then taken to the police station where he later died.

Sowetan reported at the time that one of the people arrested with Sebediela said he had witnessed the attack.

“They used cold water and poured it on him after stripping him down. They strangled him with a chain from a big key ring used in jail. They poured tear gas into plastic and covered his face with it,” the man said.

He also said Sebedila had soiled himself several times during the assault and complained of pain in his ribs afterwards.

"He was a bit responsive after the beating but he lost consciousness and stopped responding. We knew he was dead. The police then moved us to another cell while they removed his body.“

The matter was later handed to the Independent Police Investigations Directorate.

Spokesperson for the Directorate, Ndileka Cola, said on Thursday that Sebediela had been apprehended for allegedly questioning the police officers.

She said other people who were in the same holding cell were assaulted by Johnson and Dintwe too.

“Furthermore, the directorate’s detective work revealed that the assaulted inmates were not registered in the custody register,” Cola said.

The matter was to be heard at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court.


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