Businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene said he knew he was being followed but didn’t take any precautions at the time.

Johannesburg - Local businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene reportedly escaped with his life after he was shot and while travelling in Joburg last night.

He was apparently with his friend, Sunday Independent Editor Steven Motale ahead of the shooting but the pair then proceeded in separate vehicles, allegedly at the advice of the newsman’s security personnel.

Multiple reports suggested that Motale has been targeted after he published reports at the weekend about Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa's alleged extramarital affairs.

The editor has since allegedly he has been receiving death threats.

Kunene told news broadcaster ANN7 last night that he knew he was being followed but didn’t take any precautions at the time.

“I could see there was a car following us but I didn’t think so ‘cause of the lights,” Kunene said.

“An SUV‚ (a) white one‚ it tried to press me to hit the pavement. I hit the breaks. They passed me. As they stopped in front of me they opened the doors‚ took out the gun‚ cocked their gun and I was facing death. I reversed and they started shooting at the car.”

The incident apparently took place near Corlett Drive in Sandton at around 9pm.

Kunene added that he then reversed into a boomed-off suburb and that a security guard there allowed him to enter in a bid to help.

Police have confirmed they were investigating the matter. 

"A case of attempted murder has been opened,” police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said. 

“No arrests have been made at this stage." 

Last night Motale said he was fine and trying to establish the details of the incident.

He also confirmed Kunene's version of events, explaining that he was not with the businessman when he was "ambushed" as his bodyguards had advised them not to travel in the same car after a suspicious car was seen earlier in the evening.

He only arrived 15 minutes later when Metro cops were already on the scene

Motale said he would wait for the police investigate as it could have been a hijacking attempt or people "looking for me".

"We are not taking any chances."

He further said: "It is so shocking that I have to receive death threats in a country whose constitution and democracy is admired globally."

Ramaphosa is highly respected, Motale added. 

"He needs to challenge these death threats I have been receiving."

Kunene has been unavailable for comment.

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