Killer: I was taught to hate gays

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Published Jan 28, 2016


Pretoria - A Zimbabwean national claims he stabbed Moroccan diplomat Fatmi Noureddine 42 times with a knife at a Pretoria guesthouse as he believed the man sexually molested him while he was sleeping.

Nigel Kahari, 21, testified that where he grew up in Zimbabwe he was taught to hate gay people. Being gay is punishable by law, unacceptable and against prevailing Biblical views.

Kahari was earlier convicted of murdering Noureddine while visiting him at the Waterkloof guesthouse.

The high court in Pretoria will sentence Kahari on Friday.

He admitted that he stabbed Noureddine on October 6, 2014, and conceded it was “overkill”.

Kahari told the court on Wednesday that he acknowledged that he was wrong. “I repent my actions,” he said.

A social worker who compiled a pre-sentencing report said Kahari was not entirely truthful about that night - there were many unanswered questions. For instance, Kahari took pictures of the diplomat’s bloodied body - with the man’s own camera.

Kahari explained that he wanted to show the pictures to his friend who had earlier told him a man had approached him for sex. Kahari said he wanted to establish if this man was Noureddine.

But both Judge Mohamed Ismail and the social worker questioned this, as the pictures simply depicted the diplomat’s buttocks, and no face.

Kahari told the social worker that he met Nouredinne while he was a packer at a supermarket in Monument Park. The diplomat often came to the shop and they became friends. Kahari often delivered items to his house and was well tipped. They also watched soccer together.

Nouredinne promised to find Kahari better employment.

The diplomat invited him to his house for a function on the night of the incident. Kahari said when he got there, it was only the two of them. They drank alcohol and Noureddine suggested he took a shower. Kahari said the man opened the shower door and mentioned something about the food he was preparing. He said Noureddine looked at his naked body. This made him feel uncomfortable.

They had more drinks after dinner and Kahari felt drowsy. His next recollection was waking up naked next to the man. He woke Noureddine up and demanded answers. He panicked and wanted to leave, but the room was locked.

He said Noureddine refused to open the door and he panicked even more. He fetched a knife in the kitchen and repeatedly stabbed Noureddine. According Kahari, the diplomat tried to strangle him with an electric cord, so he kept on stabbing him.

He left the body in a pool of blood and showered. Kahari then took several items, including nearly R10 000 in cash. Before he left, he took several pictures of the man’s naked buttocks.

Kahari told the social worker he acted with uncontrollable hate and rage. The thought of possible sexual intercourse with the man triggered it. He felt betrayed, he thought Noureddine was going to be his (financial) saviour. He is not sure what happened, but assumed the had sex.

Kahari said his president, Robert Mugabe, regarded gay people as “worse than pigs and dogs”.

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